Tessa Valeenne

Human Rouge Level 2

After she was separated from her Gypsy caravan at the age of fifteen, Tessa was taken prisoner by slave traders. But fortunately was eventually able to use the roguish skills her gypsy family had taught her to escape. Though she was being chased by the slavers the young Roma girl was able to find refuge with Valin Hawkwing.

How ever upon arrival at the White Rosa Orphanage, she discovered that her caravan had left the city half a year ago. Holding no hope for catching up with them, Tessa requested to stay at the White Rosa with Valin, in return she would offer her Gypsy skills for what ever he needed them for. Valin instantly said yes. Knowing he would make grate use of her rouge oriented skills.

Characteristics: Sly, Jestering, Good hearted (For the most part), likes to perform, Rather good intellect.

Tessa Valeenne

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