Bayzian Firestone

Human Fighter, Level 1


After his family were killed by bandits, the infant Bayzian came to live at the White Rosa orphanage. There he grew up with one goal. Become a warrior. His fascination with all thing combat oriented drove him to teach himself to wield a sword in combat.
Acting as the protector of the other orphans almost anyone you ask, would tell you that Bayzian has a kind heart and a righteous sword. After reaching the right age to do so, Bayzian became a true warrior for his mentor Valin Hawkwing. He was then partnered up with non-other than the roguish Gypsy, Tessa Valeenne. Now the team of two, go on what ever quest or simple errand Valin Whises.

Characteristics: Proud, Good natured, Loud in general, Strong, average intellect.

Bayzian Firestone

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